Participating on the Breakthrough experience this weekend taught me new experiences and released me from stagnant views of myself, my family and my life.

I would like you to pass the following to Dr Demartini, the facilitators, specially Neo and Robyn (they both worked with me and definitely played an important role in helping me to “see”) and also, if possible, Alan (one of the participants), my surrogate:


Patricia – Dublin

As an ambitious entrepreneur seeking success, it is essential to create one’s own inspiration and energy to get things done. This can be a lonely and frustrating journey without the right guidance along the way. Robin has taught me how to know myself better through determining my highest values. He has shifted my perspective on time management and stress, and he has shown me some very effective methods on how to actively achieve my goals.

Thank you, Robin for a life-changing investment.

Stuart H

And thank you for the reminder to look inside. That is exactly what is happening right now…  I am starting to come into contact with what I am truly about and it starts to dawn on me that my purpose is actually not only about me, but that service to others is – surprise, surprise – also a part of it. Well, took me only 43 years…    At the last retreat, I connected with so many people and since that major shift happened there and I can now do it from a place of being more centred, more in alignment, I could actually help a lot of them and had fun doing it. So, we’ll see where that leads me… I also wanted to say that your level of commitment and reliability is – to say it with Tony’s words –  outstanding! J Gives me a good feeling to know that you’re available whenever I need support. So Thanks very much for that!

Alina L

I would like to thank you so much for taking me through the Demartini Method today with such expertise and clarity. I have been struggling with a major issue in my business for a year and a half and I was unable to resolve it. Within 3 hours you assisted and guided me, with resolute assuredness, to resolve and dissolve the challenge that I was experiencing. It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I am experiencing such a sense of relief and an immense gratitude to you for being so patient and persistent which led to an expedient and excellent outcome for me.

Benita A