My name is Emily and I have been challenged to talk to you about my life free of anxiety and depression.  My journey of depression and anxiety started about ten years ago when I just felt very unhappy and that I had no energy and often had thoughts of suicide. After speaking to my boss she decided that I needed to go into therapy and I agreed. It was through therapy that I was diagnosed. I got put on all kinds of meds and they seemed to work until my dad died five years ago. I thought that I was coping but realised that I was not actually coping as I could not function as there were so many days where I just could not get out of bed. I also found myself having these feelings of abandonment and not knowing how to express myself so I would take it out on myself by scratching and self-medicating on top of the prescribed meds and they just became stronger and eventually, my body just got used to them. I would often say that I wish I had died instead of dad. I literally just gave up and my relationship with my family was virtually non-existent.


Emily B