Participating on the Breakthrough experience this weekend taught me new experiences and released me from stagnant views of myself, my family and my life.

I would like you to pass the following to Dr Demartini, the facilitators, specially Neo and Robyn (they both worked with me and definitely played an important role in helping me to “see”) and also, if possible, Alan (one of the participants), my surrogate:

After the workshop finished I realised I had a missed call from my father. I called him back, he wanted to ask about myself, how I was. I told him I had been on the workshop and was very grateful for that, I had realised a lot of stuff and I told him he had been the best father I could have ever had! I would not have changed anything! I thanked him for having contributed for the brave, independent, resilient, vivid, persevering, responsible, reliable, free spirit and kind woman I am today. For the wings he gave me! While I was going through this, he started to cry in a way I have never seen or heard my father beforew, I could not see him, but I could feel him and hear him….. speechless! The tough man I thought I knew, who I saw crying only once in all my life, was there like a baby…. I felt my father had his breakthrough as well!

After talking to him and for a while it was difficult for me to focus on anything else, as I was hold on that moment with my father on the phone…. contemplating….it was like being in altered state. When I went to bed, I noticed, I had a sensation on my spine as if someone had injected warm peppermint tea on it…. it was a refreshing warmness…. unique feeling.

Also, today, back in London, while walking home It was like I was seeing my neighbourhood for the first time, the houses look different, weird.

I am very grateful, this experience indeed, it is contributing to a turning page in my life!

Thank you very much Dr Demartini, all the facilitators, Alan and all the team. Today I am a woman, three days ago I was a child pretending to be a woman.

Big Hugs,