for a first-class life

“If you change the way you look at things, things change.”

This quote by Dr Wayne Dyer, American philosopher, self-help author, and motivational speaker, forms the basis of my work.

I apply the Demartini Method® to bring about an instant change in perspective, which results in immediate shifts.

My areas of speciality are anxiety, depression and grief. I enjoy complex, analytical problems that stump others. So even if you believe there is no way out, I will help you to see the light.

I follow a minimalist approach in my sessions and we tackle one challenge at a time. It is my job to find a solution to benefit you and all parties involved.

If you are willing to face your demons, take responsibility for your life and relationships, and become a co-creator of your world, I want to work with you.

How to book an online consultation

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  • If you answered yes to more than 3 questions, you are eligible for a free 30-minute session with me.
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  • During our online consultation, we will get to know each other better and decide if we are a fit.
  • If there is a mutual understanding and good rapport, we book further sessions.
  • Please note that I only take on a maximum of 10 clients at any one time.

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*But only if you are willing to do the work.

Please also note that I only take on a maximum of 10 clients at any one time.