The Butterfly Effect & More

  Compiled are a few sources and references pertaining to some of the concepts around the magnificence of the transference of energy. The interconnection of actions and reactions within systems and affecting other systems is mindblowing. Put all these elements together with the concept of synchronicity, the magnificence of the matrix and the perfection of…



Service to others is one of the major keys to succeeding. Those who focus on serving others to the best of their abilities live a life of greatness. Benefiting humanity and making a difference brings immense fulfilment.   “As we lose ourselves in the service of others we discover our own lives and our own…


Art is Divine

It is said, that the masters practice their art between their performances. Such is the experience of life. Between conception and death, we are practicing and experiencing. When we are in the flow of what is truly meaningful to us, we connect to the Divine and share a moment of grace that is unequaled. Is…


How Mindfulness Is Revolutionizing Mental Health Care

I came across the article shared by one of my fellow practitioners, Kim Jobst.  The article demonstrates clear evidence of a move to learning to be more present in the moment, for only in the moment an one be aware of both sides of a situation. When one’s perception is balanced, the emotional attachment is dissolved and the truth is revealed. With this full awareness, there is no place for depression or anxiety which is primarily based on an unbalanced perception of regrets of a perceived past and fear of the imminent perceived future respectively.

Being present in the moment and being aware of both sides allows one to appreciate the perfection of the moment and its importance in teaching us what we need to learn.


The Essence of Life


The Escemce of life

On a flight to Cape Town, I looked out the window and noticed minute chips in the window portal of the plane.

By closer inspection, I realised that these were not chips but ice crystals that had formed on the inside of the two pieces of double glazing. These crystals were not present at the beginning of the flight and they miraculously disappeared when we landed.